Hide and Seek

This 30 minute room is great for beginning escape artists or small groups! The Lost Teddy is our least difficult escape room at a 4/10 and a current completion rate of 54%.

Ages 8+

Price $15/person


Hide and Seek

This 60 minute room is great for intermediate escape artists or small groups! The Lost Teddy 2 has a difficulty escape room rating at a 6/10 and a current completion rate of 70%.

Ages 10+

Price $22/person


Crack the Code

You have a hour to get in, steal the cash, and get out before the police arrive! Will your team be the next Oceans 11 or be caught red handed? This escape room is moderately difficult with a  difficulty of 8/10 and the current success rate at 25%.
Ages 14+

Price $22/person

Be sure to download, print, sign, and bring your waiver to your booking appointment! If you have a waiver with us you do not need to bring a second waiver. Those 17 and younger require a parent or guardian signature on their waiver to play.


Baker Street Mystery

Solve the Case

Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and you?
Do you have what it takes to solve the case in this 1 hour adventure? This is our hardest escape room with a difficulty of 10/10 and 18% current completion rate!

Ages 14+

Price $22/person

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