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Teddy Bear


Hide and Seek

Mom and Dad have gone out for the evening but will be home soon. You need to find your teddy and get to bed

before they arrive home and find you still awake!

This 30 minute room is great for beginning escape artists or small groups! The Lost Teddy is our easiest room

with a difficulty of  4/10.

Ages 8+

Price $15/person

Teddy Bear


Crack the Code

You have a hour to get in, steal the cash, and get out before
the police arrive! Will your team be the next Oceans 11
or be caught red handed? 

This challenging room has a rating of 8/10.
Ages 14+

Price $22/person

Image by Thomas Kelley

Sherlock's Apprentice

Pass the Test

The master detective is looking for help ….
You have 60 minutes to successfully pass the test he has devised to determine your detective skills, and attain
the coveted position of his apprentice!

This room has a 7/10 difficulty rating.
Ages 12+

Price $22/person

Mafia Man at Night Black and White

Baker Street Mystery

Solve the Case

Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and you?
Do you have what it takes to solve the case in this
one hour adventure?
This is our hardest escape room with a

difficulty of 10/10.

Ages 14+

Price $22/person

Rooms & Booking: Service
Boundary Waters Canoe Area picture.jpg

Boundary Waters Canoe Accident

Call for Help

Your camping group hit rough water and went under! Now you're on opposite sides of the lake with a bad storm brewing...can you get your gear straight
to call for help in time?

This unique game consists of two rooms that can
be played individually or combined.
Difficulty level 7/10
Ages 12+  Minimum of 4 players
Price $22/person


Hide and Seek

This 60 minute room is great for intermediate escape artists or mid-sized groups! The Lost Teddy 2 is the same game

 as Teddy 1, with additional advanced puzzles added.

This is a GREAT room for the whole family!

It has a difficulty rate of 6/10.

Ages 10+

Price $22/person

Title picture 5.webp

The Nice List

Get your name on the Nice List!

This year you have the chance to get your name on Santa's Nice List... IF you can find it.

This game is perfect for making holiday memories
with friends or family!

Difficulty 7/10

Minimum of 4 - at least 2 adults required

Price $22/person

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