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"Who would of thought that looking for a lost teddy bear could be so much fun! Our group had a great time. The room was challenging and unique but the most important thing was that we had a blast. I would highly recommend this room!"
- Thomas Hiatt

"Fun, challenging, great pricing. The family that run the rooms are super friendly and explain everything very clearly so if you've never done one before you know what to expect. Cant wait to get a bigger group together to try the other room!"
- Toni Zierott

"LOVED Escape Aurora!!! Great family owned business. They made the directions easy to follow and a lot of fun! The escape room we did was definitely a challenge for us 20 something year olds but it was a great time. Looking forward to trying the other escape room!!!"
- Fawn Weihl

"Amazing experience! Our 2 Destination Imagination teams had a blast! Great venue and the Huenefelds were great with the Kids! Thank you for a fun Saturday!"
- Connie Powell

"Oh what a great experience we had!! The whole family enjoyed it so much (kids 6, 9, 11) and parents loved it as much as the kids!! And what to say about the family owning the place other that they are just amazing!!! Thanks again! The French-Canadian family!!"
- Annie Brousseau

"We've done several other escape rooms in Omaha and this small town family owned escape room ranked right up there with the big city rooms! Highly recommend! Very challenging but very fun. Our guides did a great job."
- Britney Wentworth

"Highly recommend!!!!! We had so much fun!!!"
- Elizabeth Smith Peterson

"Guys! Come check this place out! I have done escape rooms before and this place is LEGIT. 11/10 for sure. Pretty tough we had 4 people in ours and we struggled in parts which made it all the better. Seriously bring your friends if your ready for a good time and try to beat our time of 8:30 left!"
- Ann Moyers

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